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Our team

The company GfB Gesellschaft für Brandschutztechnik mbH was founded in 1995 by the former owner and managing director, Mr. Roland Riedel. At that time, the service range mainly included preventative fire protection from F30 to F90 indoors and outdoors. Then as now, materials from leading manufacturers in the field of fire protection coatings were used without exception.


In November 2009, the company was taken over by the current owner and managing director, Mr. Roman Götz, and the scope of services was constantly expanded.


Ms. Klaus has also been part of the GfB since 2016. Among other things, Ms. Klaus is responsible for all internal and external correspondence and for the company's accounting.


In 2018 the team was expanded with Mr. Schütz as a technical employee and calculator. Mr. Schütz has acquired various further training courses in corrosion protection and surface technology, so that he is happy to answer any technical questions our customers may have.

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