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Corrosion protection


We offer you special coatings in the area of corrosion protection, such as in pipe and container construction. We are currently working with a material that allows the tank to be reused within 24 hours. We also have a material in our range that is 100% resistant to bioethanol and can also be used on damp surfaces. You are welcome to contact us if you have any further questions or a specific offer.

But... what does corrosion protection actually mean?


Modern construction is no longer imaginable without steel, a widespread ecological building material that is robust and flexible in use. However, steel has a weak point: ... it corrodes in the atmosphere, in water and in the ground. This process endangers the statics of the entire steel structure. This process can be prevented or reduced through corrosion protection measures, thus ensuring the preservation of the value of the entire structure. Anti-corrosion coatings have proven to be the most effective and decorative method.


Corrosion protection in pipe and container construction – our specialty


The area of corrosion protection is very extensive and uses a variety of measures, which depend on the area of application and the corresponding requirements, to ensure effective protection. Due to this multitude of options, we have decided to concentrate on special corrosion protection in pipe and container construction and to be a competent contact here.


For work in this area, we have, for example, materials that harden within 24 hours and are therefore primarily used where the system needs to be reused quickly or materials that are 100% resistant to bioethanol and can also be used on damp surfaces are suitable. This is currently a common topic in, for example, biopower plants.


When it comes to corrosion protection, we only work with coating materials that provide protection by sealing the surface. This seal can then represent the final surface or serve as the basis for a fire protection coating and top coat, depending on the intended use.

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