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Welcome to the website of the company -GfB- "Gesellschaft für Brandschutztechnik mbH".

We support you in implementing fire protection measures for protectionof human life and property.
Structural preventative fire protection and corrosion protection are our areas of expertise.

If necessary, we work across Europe and impress with our extensive technical expertise Knowledge and flawless execution of our work.


Rely on us and benefit from our many years of experience in steel, wood and concrete fire protection.


We also offer dry and wet blasting work for effective repairs Steel, wood, brick and concrete surfaces as well as abrasive surface cleaning.

We work nationwide


We operate primarily nationwide and always strive to fulfill the wishes of our customers. Implementing the required steel fire protection cost-effectively and on time and guaranteeing the high level of satisfaction of our customers are the measures of our success.


To achieve this goal, we rely on high-quality materials from well-known manufacturers and many years of experience from our trained employees. Through close cooperation with the manufacturers, we are always informed about the latest product developments and test results. This collaboration also enables us to offer you special solutions for your individual fire protection needs. Since 2009 we have constantly increased the scope of services. We no longer only offer preventive fire protection with the so-called insulating layer formers from R30 to R90, but also up to R240. In addition, we now also work with 2K hydrocarbon materials and 2K epoxy materials, which are primarily used on oil rigs and others

used in potentially explosive areas. We are also active in the area of special corrosion protection, including in pipeline and container construction. Further information about our services in fire protection, corrosion protection and fire protection renovation can be found in the respective sub-items in the menu.

Brandschutz Mitlog

Useful information


We can offer you fire protection coatings made from solvent-based materials as well as water-based materials. The water-based materials are used in certified construction projects, so-called green buildings. Of course, all materials we use have building authority approval or the corresponding reports.

Our offer is aimed at operators of public buildings, industry and private developers.

We would be happy to advise you in the planning phase.

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