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Hydrocarbon epoxy fire protection

What is special about hydrocarbon epoxy fire protection coatings ?

Hydrocarbon epoxy fire protection coatings protect depending on the materialSteel structures in areas where there is a high risk of pool fire, jet fire andexplosive fires for up to 240 minutes.This form of fire protection is primarily, but not only, used in chemical, petrochemical and maritime sectors.

The strengths of hydrocarbon epoxy coatings are:

- Approval for cellulose or hydrocarbon fires
- Solids content 100%
- high resistance, shock, impact and abrasion resistant
- short coating times
- fast curing
- developed for outdoor use
- solvent-free
- high suitability for factory coatings
- can be applied in a variety of ways; multi-component system, single-component system,

Putty application
 of the hydrocarbon epoxy coating in the factory or on site

Depending on the size of the order, we apply the coating by hand or using airless technology. Spraying process. With a factory coating, we ensure that the connecting parts are recessed and construction site connections, which we then only coat on site after assembly. The advantage of a factory coating is, in most cases, independence of seasons and weather conditions. The weather resistance of the The material applied ensures that the effort for transport and storage is reduced is minimized. This includes serious damage during loading or transport of the past. If we do the coating on site, modern ones will help us Work platforms, sprayers and climate measuring devices, a proper one To carry out coating. Layer thicknesses for epoxy fire protection coatings vary Area of application and desired protection class. However, per Application pass the maximum layer thickness higher and the curing time lower than with conventional dam-forming fire protection systems and
This ensures a shortening of the coating time. We would be happy to advise you during the planning phase Coating system is the right one for you. Please note that epoxy fire protection coatings can only be used approved companies certified by the manufacturer. One Application by an unqualified company or unqualified personnel causes the loss of fire protection approval. As a company and staff trained and certified by the manufacturer, we offer We will provide you with high-quality epoxy fire protection coatings tailored to your needs Requirements.


Send us your documents and we will prepare them for you at short notice attractive offer.

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